Co.F.La.M. S.r.l. was created 25 March, 1980 following the merger of two companies that already had decades of experience in machining , carpentry and welding.
Over the course of more than thirty years, the evolution of the market and the new technology applied even to machine tools has led us to become specialised even in building precision mechanical components.

Our company is located across the nation in three units:

  • Stella San Giovanni, shistorical headquarters where mid-sized machining  is done with a 1350 m² covered area, a 5000 m² service area and approximately 250 m² of annexed offices.
  • Genova Borzoli, with a surface of approximately 300 m² where grinding, polishing and controlling the turbine blades and compressor is done.
  • Busalla, designated to large-sized machining, has a 1100 m² covered area and a 1500 m² service area.


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