Mechanical Parts

Particolari Meccanici The energy market is the main sector we operate in by supplying gas turbine, steam turbine and alternator components.

Our main machining is done via Boring , Drilling and Turning according to product designs requested by the customer using a fleet of continuously updated CNC machinery and highly qualified operators.


Some of our typical machining:

Parts for Steam Turbines:

  • Steam Seal Rings
  • Oil Guards
  • Steam Filters
  • Steam Seal Bearings
  • Radial Seal Sectors
  • Etc.

Parts for Gas Turbines:

  • Bearing Cases
  • Int. and Ext. Compressor Rings with assembly
  • Turbine Oil Guards
  • Seal Ring Cases
  • Bearing Supports
  • Separator Pipes
  • Rotor Lifting Oil System
  • Etc.

Parts for Alternators:

  • Oil Seals
  • Tie-rods
  • Foundation Inserts
  • Oil Scraper
  • H2 Seals
  • Ring Chamber Fans
  • Air Seals
  • External Protections
  • Manhole covers
  • Foundation Anchorings
  • Etc.