Altre Lavorazioni

The mechanical parts and carpentry productions we create are often part of an assembly; therefore, in addition to machining, we are also oriented in assembling these compositions in order to provide the customer with a complete product.

Some examples of our assemblies:

Compressor Rings

In addition to turning and milling the hollows, if requested by the customer, we assemble the blades with the rings both via chiselling and, as requested in some cases, with a head waxing and turning process and final assembly of the internal ring.


Steam Bearings

We completely turn the bearing and the rings and assemble them with the corresponding springs.


Rotor Assembly/Disassembly Equipment

This is a carpentry composition including cables, tie-rods and various accessories used to extract and insert the rotor on installation sites.
We always pre-assembly this equipment to check the exact composition.