Management and Quality

Co.F.La.M. an ISO 9001 qualified company uses a procedure that follows the project formulated from the offer, to management of the acquired order, up to shipment of the finished product.

In brief, the diagram follows this procedure:

The acquired order is processed through our company systems that create a project identification number. All the documents that identify the material are associated to this, including the construction drawings, procedures and specifications necessary to build the components like the type of material, the dimensions, the casting, the number of parts ordered and a production card with the different processing stages to follow, if necessary.

Any external machining is also specified, like heat treating, galvanising, chroming and special non-destructive testing done by qualified suppliers.

Manufacturing mechanical components starts with an initial quality check that attests to both the physical and chemical integrity of the material via first a visual check, followed by a spectrometric analysis.

The material that passes the first quality test is stored to await subsequent processing.

Intermediate tests are carried out during processing both by the operator and by a quality technician until the finished product is created.

The final inspection is carried out including the following checks:

  • dimensional (with periodically checked instruments or coordinate measuring machines)
  • non-destructive (liquid penetrant, ultrasound, magnetoscopic…)

In addition, in this phase, all corresponding documents or certificates are checked to make sure they are complete and that any non-conformities are recorded and resolved.

Finally, the parts are protected with a special oil, they are labelled and properly packaged in order to keep track of the type of transport with which the parts will travel.

Our certifications:

ISO 9001 | ISO 9712