Quality Policy

The management believes that its competitiveness in the market is linked to factors such as:

  • customer satisfaction.
  • employee satisfaction.
  • members’ satisfaction.

has chosen to adopt the principles underlying an effective quality system:

  • the satisfied customer is the result of optimized business processes that maximize the quality of the services / products performed, therefore the effort of the whole CO.F.LA.M. s.r.l must be concentrated in the search for process improvement, to consequently provide services of increasing and safe quality;
  • satisfied employees are the result of a safe working environment (prevention and protection) and engaging (promotion to participation and delegation), so it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to creating security in all processes and participating in the identification of situations that constitute a brake on the safety and health of people, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force;
  • satisfied members are the result of a company that knows how to combine quality and safety, with profitability at the level of the best investments.

The concrete implementation of these principles is achieved through:

  • the integration of performance factors, inherent in quality and safety, in strategic decision-making choices
  • the planning and control of business processes.
  • constant adaptation of the system (and therefore updating of the Manual and related documentation) to changing business needs and the reference market.
  • the constant involvement of staff in the identification and resolution of problems related to the quality management system.
  • the promotion of the preventive actions necessary to anticipate the occurrence of deviations (qualitative) from the standards of services, products, processes and systems.
  • maintaining an adequate level of training and training of the personnel involved.
  • the involvement of its suppliers in the implementation of a complete and effective quality management system.
  • systematic monitoring of customer satisfaction.
  • the pursuit of continuous and constant improvement of products, processes, services, and working conditions.

Top management undertakes to make effective and spread its policy at all company levels through systematic information and training of resources, the constant verification of effectiveness of the quality system and the pursuit of the planned objectives.

The Co.F.La.M Management